Faisal Autos is here to serve you at your place. Our goal is to provide safe and reliable services for your vehicle with the help of our trained employees.

We provide the best of the following services:


The looks of your car define your personality. The external beauty of a car all depends on denting and painting.



 If your vehicles have no proper wheel alignment then it decreases gas mileage, tire life, and also adds stress to your vehicle’s steering equipment and structure.


Driving on a false gearing system is never a good idea and you should not do it


Faisal Autos has qualified staff for electrical maintenance of your vehicle.


 Oil and filter play a vital role in the safety of your vehicle’s engine. 


Faisal Autos provides all types of vehicle services provided by its professionals. These services include:

  • Vehicle’s Tuning.
  • Oil and filter change.
  • Break services.

Works on all types of vehicle’s services

The maintenance we provide

Our professionals will provide you the best maintenance for the safety and reliability of your vehicle.


Q: What Type of Oil Do I Need?

A: Havoline formula 10W-30 is the most preferred oils among the Pakistani car owners. This oil is used for normal wear and tear engines. It has the capability to withstand the normal temperature of the engine.

Q: Why do I need a wheel alignment?

A: Wheel alignment is necessary because it helps your tires work properly and helps them last longer. It also improves handling and keeps your vehicle from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road.

Q: How do I know when my car needs a tune-up?

A: You feel unusual noises, bad fuel mileage, your car is slow to accelerate, you can feel unusual vibrations and your engine is misfiring. Avoid these problems with regular tune-ups.

Q: How should I prepare my car for a road trip?

A: Check your car’s battery to be sure the connection is tight and corrosion-free, inspect belts and hoses, Top off fluids and replace filters, Verify lights and electrical equipment are working, check the brakes and inspect tires.

Q: Why do I need to have my engine oil changed every 3000 miles?

A: Every automobile engine needs oil, but not just any oil will do. It used to be normal to change the oil every 3,000 miles, but with modern lubricants, most engines today have recommended oil change intervals of 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Q: What should I do if my car starts to overheat?

A: Pull over to a safe location and turn off the engine. Do not open the hood until the car has completely cooled or the temperature gauge has moved from hot to cool. Check the coolant (also called antifreeze) level in the radiator. Make sure the radiator cap is cool before opening it.

Q: When should I replace my car’s fuel filter?

A: Replacing a fuel filter on an older model car is at least every 2 years or 30,000 miles. On newer models, this interval can run longer. Filters should be replaced as soon as 20,000 to 40,000 miles or more. The best way to tell if your fuel filter needs replacing is to have the mechanic do a fuel pressure test. 

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