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Your vehicle should have a smooth gearing system because gear maintenance is important for you and your passengers. If the gearing system of your vehicle is well-maintained, then you will feel more charm in driving.

Driving on a false gearing system is never a good idea and you should not do it. Vehicles having an un-maintained gearing system can still be driven but it’s quite risky. Here are some of the most common forms of gearbox failure.

  • Inadequate oil.
  • Incorrect framing.
  • False gear shifting.
  • Your car won’t go into gear.

From the reports we’ve received, the average automatic transmission lasts around 150,000 to 200,000 miles. The two main factors that determine how long your transmission will last are: how well you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and your driving habits.


If you are driving an automatic vehicle with gear transmission problems and it goes only in reverse, then you may have a serious transmission problem and that can only be solved by a mechanic. However, some normal problems can be solved by yourself.

Sudden and unexpected sounds when shifting gear may mean you have damaged the clutch or other instruments may be damaged. With automatic transmissions, you will feel those gear changes instead of the smooth shift, but there is also a good chance that you will hear a whimper, Fluttering, or Vibrations.

Notice the noises of your car’s gearbox. There is a rotating plate inside the gearbox, It makes irregular noises if dysfunctional. Whizzing, Crackle, and shaking are all signs that your gearbox needs attention and needs proper repairing.

The signs that your gearbox needs replacing are:

  • Your car won’t go into gear.
  • Leaking fluids and continuous low levels.
  • Your car is making loud and clunking noises, even when you are sitting in neutral.

Smell something out of the ordinary.

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